“Climbing the right tree” is a Netherlands-based NGO  with the mission to create career opportunities for young people in Africa using information technology. We do this in the following ways:

We usually work in collaboration with Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation in Accra, Ghana, an NGO under Ghanaian law with the same vision. Our logo reflects a young African climbing up his career ladder in ICT. Our full policy document and 2019 budget can be downloaded here(PDF) . The annual financial report of Maxim Nyansa over 2016 can be downloaded here(PDF) , for 2017 it can be downloaded here(PDF) and for 2018 it can be downloaded here(PDF).

Our privacy statement/text in English can be found extensively here and in Dutch here  .


Klaas Brongers
Klaas BrongersPresident

Klaas is a senior consultant in the field of information management and digital transformation and former president of the Dutch branch organization of IT professionals.

Diana van der Stelt
Diana van der SteltSecretary

Diana is a former CIO/CFO for the Dutch central government. Since 2015 she is social entrepreneur with a fairtrade software company. Diana is also a volunteer board member of Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions in Ghana.

Julie Bissonnette
Julie BissonnetteTreasurer

Julie is employed as an accountant at an oil and gas company and together with her husband, she has been active as a volunteer for Maxim Nyansa since it started.


We are a foundation that is completely carried by volunteers. You are most welcome to join one of our volunteer teams in the Netherlands:

  • Hardware collection and preparation for shipment                  Download vacancy information HERE
  • International communications team / social media team      Download vacancy information HERE


We regularly send a container with second hand hardware to West-Africa. We are in particular looking for:

  • Desktops (windows 7) and laptops in a good shape

  • Smartboards

  • Projectors

  • Printers

  • E-readers

  • Extension Boards

In 2019 we have shipped a 40 feet container in May and a 20 feet container in August. We are preparing to ship the next in November. Our logistics team in the Netherlands will remove all data before your donated computers leave the country and will provide you with a GDPR-proof statement for each item. Hardware engineers employed by our partner organization in Accra further refurbish all hardware at our local warehouse and prepare them for a second life in a public school. In 2018 7 new IT labs were established. In 2019 we are planning for 25 new IT labs.


Office Information

Climbing The Right Tree, Grebbeweg 19B, 3902 HG, Veenendaal , Netherlands.

Phone:+ 31 6 15038099

Email: info@climbingtherighttree.com

Chamber of Commerce 1692 1988
Tax Number: RSIN 858128500

Our Partner Organization – Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions

We usually work in collaboration with Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation in Accra, Ghana, an NGO under Ghanaian law with the same vision.
Visit us for more information at https://maximnyansa.com/

Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions

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