About Us


Climbing the Right Tree is a Dutch-Ghanaian initiative. “Climbing the right tree” is an African saying which means: “Anyone who is striving towards a worthwhile goal will get a lot of support”. This applies to our young people in West Africa and as well as to our foundation.

Climbing the Right welcomes everyone regardless of their background or religion. Anyone who supports our mission and believes in our core values – equality and austerity – is welcome.

We embrace values that are ubiquitous in Africa but have often been forgotten in Europe, like for example treating one another as a member of an extended family caring for one another and helping one another.  Over the course of six years, we have grown into an extended family of passionate professionals from all over the world.

We now have partner organizations in six African countries, namely in Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and South Africa. Within our international structure, our standards and values ​​are safeguarded by means of our strict governance codes. Climbing the Right Tree also meets the strict quality requirements of the CBF and has been accredited by the CBF as a Recognized Charity since 2021. We have implemented these quality requirements throughout the entire international organisation.


Klaas Brongers


Klaas is a senior consultant in the field of information management and digital transformation and former president of the Dutch organization of IT professionals.

Diana van der Stelt


Diana is a former CIO/CFO of a ministry in the Dutch government. In 2015 she became a social entrepreneur and founded a fair-trade software company. Diana also sits on the board of Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions.

Natascha van Duuren

Board Member

Natascha is a lawyer with specialised expertise in IT, Intellectual Property and Privacy. She is also managing partner of the firm De Clercq Lawyers and Notaries. Natascha publishes regularly and has contributed to various books.

Julie Bissonnette


Julie is an accountant and works in the finance department of an oil and gas company. Julie and her husband have been active volunteers for Maxim Nyansa since its inception.

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Climbing The Right Tree, Grebbeweg 19B
3902 HG Veenendaal, Netherlands 
+ 31 6 15038099