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Why do businesses in Europe (IT companies and others) partner with “Climbing The Right Tree”?

Corporate sustainability reporting EU rules require large companies and listed companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental risks they face, and on how their activities impact people and the environment starting in 2024. In the years after, this requirement will gradually become the norm for all private enterprises as well as other organizations.  

This trend reflects a growing awareness in the world that doing business is much more than aiming for shareholder value. Each company impacts the world in many ways, with the products and services it offers, its human resource policy and the way it interacts with different stakeholders.  

This awareness is particularly strong with the younger generations. Millennials and the Generation Z are only partly motivated by salaries. They want to work for an organization with a positive impact in the world. They ask questions or offer to make a start in doing a better job.  

As a result in many directors meetings, the question is raised: where are we standing regarding sustainability and what more can we do to show the world that we are serious about it? Let’s look at both People, Planet and Profit.   

“Climbing The Right Tree” is a Dutch foundation with the mission to create career opportunities for young Africans with information technology. We partner with the Maxim Nyansa Foundation, an award winning NGO with experts in ICT as well as the West-African educational system. Together we work on the following sustainable development goals: 

How can you partner with us?

First of all, we are not an ordinary NGO. We are all volunteers and together we are a growing family of passionate professionals. All people who want to do something for a better world, while using our professional skills, and collaborate internationally. 

  • We collect slightly used computers and ship them to have a second life on an African school  
  • We volunteer as trainers, giving webinars to young IT professionals in Africa, or we fly there to join one of their bootcamps as a trainer. 
  • We create open source educational content to share with young Africans via its online digital library  
  • We adopt deprived schools or trainees from underprivileged families with financial support.  
  • We are ambassadors, always looking for new people who want to join our good cause, via the (social) media, conferences and  through personal contact.   

Edward Nijland is one of the owners of EuroDev, where about 75 young people work to assist American businesses to get into the European market. Their employees travel frequently and origin from many different countries. EuroDev had been offering volunteering hours to its staff but that was not really working. As a next step they invited “Climbing The Right Tree which resulted in a group of 15 people who were willing to volunteer.

Hanna (23) HR manager from Germany: I volunteered to set up a hardware collection point in Almelo in the warehouse of our company; my parents have a company and immediately donated its used computers to us.

Goda Marcinkeviciute and Lily Makoied volunteered to develop a curriculum about digital marketing. Their own Eurodev academy had training materials that were easy to use to make an African version.

Gideon Ebbers en Tom van den Nieuwboer have started to make a complete marketing plan for “Climbing the right tree”. It started with a press release in the region, to talk about the initiative, articles in various newspapers and an item on the regional radio station.

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