Maxim Nyansa IT solutions is a foundation in West-Africa dedicated to improve the quality of education using information technology. “Climbing the right tree” Foundation is its support branch in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

We collect quality slightly used computers, laptops and smartboards and ship them to African schools. IT professionals and educationalists assist us in the development of course materials for various target groups.

Since the pandemic, we have been developing an online digital library with quality educational content for African youth. It covers course material for IT-professionals, but also content for basic schools, completely free of charge!

We are currently setting up a team to assist our digital librarian in our headquarters in Accra, Ghana:

Digital Librarians

  • You are part of our international online digital library team, directed by our professional digital librarian in our head office in Accra, Ghana.
  • You assist us in our search for open source educational content suitable for African youth
  • You actively seek contact with parties such as authors, publishing houses, educational colleges etc who are willing to share their educational content with Maxim Nyansa for free.
  • You prepare agreements with these parties regarding publication conditions.

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