Austerity is one of our core values. Most of our activities are carried out without spending money:

In short, we see ourselves as “Development aid 4.0”!

In order to achieve our ambitions, we need the help of partners and volunteers.

You can also contribute! Of course, you will get something back for that. If you come to Africa as a volunteer to share your knowledge, you will take an unforgettable experience home.

If you donate materials or a cash amount, you will follow the impact of your contribution through our tracking and tracking system.

How can you contribute to the goals of Climbing the Right Tree?

Give your hardware a second chance in an African classroom

Share your knowledge and skills to support our work in Africa

Make a donation to support our work in Africa


Used hardware is given a second chance in African classrooms. We make sure that the data on the used hardware is removed free of charge. For this purpose, we use DBAN, a free data wiping open-source software.While this software does not remove SSD memory and does not produce an automated log of the cleanup process, DBAN has proven itself to be a good solution for most organizations. However, should your business processes or accreditation require a different data wiping tool, we can discuss alternatives with you.

Through our tracing and tracking system, you can follow the computers and other hardware you have donated to their destination.

You can also contribute to the transport and storage of the equipment, by sponsoring or offering the use of trucks and containers.

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