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The African continent has so much to offer.  It will soon become a very large market of potential employees, with its population expecting to reach one billion in the next few years.

Traditional development projects are often focused on rural areas, populated by subsistence farmers in small villages with basic schools. In the meantime, much has changed in Africa and a large proportion of young people live in large cities. Many live in dire poverty due to a lack of education and skills that could lead them to the job market.  This is Africa’s 21st century challenge.

Climbing the Right Tree is committed to putting young Africans in control of their own future and to that of their region or country.  We seize the opportunities offered by digitalization and make them reality. Since our inception, Climbing the Right Tree and its African partners have equipped more than 80 schools with computer labs, thus reaching more than 30,000 pupils and students from a less fortunate background.


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