“Climbing the right tree” is a Netherlands-based NGO with the mission to create career opportunities for young people in Africa using information technology. We do this in the following ways:

IT Projects for Schools

The financial support of projects to help improve the quality of education in Africa through the introduction of computers and “21st century skills”

Training Programs

The financial support of training programs for young IT professionals from an underprivileged background to prepare them for the job market

Professional Volunteering

The Recruitment of Dutch volunteer IT professional practical training programs in Africa

Hardware Collection

The collection and shipment of hardware for schools such as desktops, laptops etc. Before your donated computers leave the country, our logistics team in the Netherlands will erase all data and present you with a GDPR-proof Statement


Read more about our CBF accreditation here:


We are a foundation that is completely carried by volunteers. You are most welcome to join one of our volunteer teams in the Netherlands. We are always looking for people who want to join one of the following teams. Read more…

Join our Hardware Logistics Team

Become part of Hardware logistics team and help transport donated hardware to our storage facility in Veenendaal and prepare it for shipment to West-Africa. We need drivers, administrators etc.

Start a Hardware Collection Point

You can start a collection point in your home or business where hardware donors in your region can come to donate their computers. You work in close collaboration with our logistics team to regularly transport the items to our warehouse in Veenendaal and to track them with our online inventory system.

Become a Trainer

There are various opportunities for professionals to join one of our training programs and share their experience in a practical way with young IT graduates/ entrepreneurs who enroll in our boot-camps. We are also looking for mentors to provide one on one professional coaching via Skype. You can register as a TRAINER Here

Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador and use your personal network to promote “Climbing the right tree” and its projects..

Become a Fundraiser

Join our fundraising team and assist our board in writing grant application and connecting with major donors

Become a member of our PR team

In a virtual international team you work on our social media messages, newsletters, press releases, events and more.


We highly appreciate your donation. In 2022 and 2023 we would like to ship a total of 3000 computers to 5 countries in West-Africa, and we want to sponsor various school projects and IT training programs. You can also participate by adopting a school or fund the scholarship of one or our IT trainees. Contact us if you need more information.




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Complaints Policy 2021

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We are very grateful that our work is being sponsored by multiple major donors, schools and businesses who provide us with finances, free hardware, educational materials or trainers.

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