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The vast majority of development projects and ICT projects in schools in Africa fail or fail to be sustainable. Climbing the Right Tree has studied success factors and failure causes and adopted a scientific research-based approach. Our projects are evidence based. We practice continuous evaluation of our approach and projects and adjust where necessary. The projects of Climbing the Right Tree are designed to meet the needs of pupils and students of different ages.

Digital learning transformation programs for primary and secondary school children (6-18 years)

We help improve the quality of education through digital skills training for teachers and students. We set up IT labs and introduce interactive teaching methods. This bridges the gap between school education and employers’ demand.

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Vocational training for high school graduates (18-22 years)

For (unemployed) youngsters we organize extensive training in repair and maintenance of computer hardware and smart phones and provide students with the necessary guidance to set up their own businesses. We do this in our specialized Center for Vocational Training.

IT Bootcamps for university graduates (22-30 years)

During the IT Professional Training boot camps, young IT’ers from a less fortunate background are given the opportunity to further specialize in software development, data science and cybersecurity. They also receive training in personal development, soft skills and career coaching. We prepare them for the labor market and, after successful completion, they will receive international certification.

Online digital library

We have developed an online digital library with quality open source educational content. All curriculum developed by Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation is stored there and a lot more. With this library it is possible for young Africans to have access to quality learning materials for free. The library targets schools (students and teachers) as well as IT professionals. Maxim Nyansa – Digital Library

Startup support

Young IT professionals who are going through our training programs are frequently interested in starting their own business. We support them with entrepreneurship training and mentorship. This includes help to get access to angel investors and various startup programs.
The largest spinoff of our training center so far is Trinity Software Center in Kumasi, providing quality employment for 25young software developers from underprivileged backgrounds. https://www.trinitysoftwarecenter.com

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